Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tirumandiram – 56

Give up and give in

Pattum Oliyum Parakkung Kannigaiyar
Aattum Aradha Avaniyin Mattadhar
Vettuviruppar Viradamilladhavar
Eettum Edanchen drikalluttraanare

Sacrifice or giving up what we hold on to as ours is  the way to be closest to the Lord. He possesses nothing himself, but is the owner of everything. If some one cannot participate in singing the Lord’s name, in dancing to the tune of the Lord’s song, who do not perform any ritual sacrifice as enjoined by the Vedas and who do not have any fasting of food, speech or action, will go only the way their destiny takes them in life. Misery is the fruit of such a lifestyle. All singing, dancing, prayers, rituals, sacrifices and fasting – not for one’s own enjoyment, but for the Lord and in in praise of the Lord are the ways to purify the mind and quieten it. If not done, the mind will go in its pre-determined path, leading to sorrow with neither the right knowledge or self-control. SS