Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tirumandiram - 52

What for the Vedas?

Vedam Uraithaalum Vediyan Aagilan
Vedam Uraithaanum Veda Vilangida
Vedam Uraithaanum Vediyar Velvikkai
Vedam Uraithanum Meipporul Kattave

The books of knowledge called the Vedas were given to the world by Brahma himself. He however is not the author of the Vedas. He gave it so that we may know our creator. He gave the Vedas so that we might do the required Yagnas and Yagas to get what we want in this world and in the other planes of existence. He spelt out the Vedas not just that we may prosper, but to reveal the truth and the supreme reality. - SS

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